10 Countries To Travel On The Cheap

Traveling the world can be costly, especially in nations like Australia, the United States, the UK or Western Europe. Lodgings, nourishment and touring can rapidly include and gobble up your financial plan in a matter of moments. Despite the fact that these places are costly, there are numerous different nations that you can travel on next to no cash. Here are 10 nations to travel for as little as possible.

1. Laos

Laos is a wonderful landlocked nation in South-East Asia, flanked by Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Rich in culture and regular excellence, Laos has a great deal to offer the spending traveler. Visitor houses are cheap and it's very simple to discover one under $10 every night. Like most Asian nations, road sustenance is in abundance and exceptionally cheap at around $1 per supper. Indeed, even eatery dinners will just cost a few dollars. It's very simple to travel Laos on $20-$30 every day.

2. Guatemala

There are many deals to be had in Central America, yet Guatemala is a great deal cheaper than the more prominent Panama and Costa Rica. Excellent shorelines, rainforest, mountains and old vestiges are all on offer, and it can be traveled for as little as possible. It's anything but difficult to get a room under $20 every night and cheap eats are accessible also at just two or three dollars for every supper. It's conceivable to travel Guatemala on under $35 every day.

3. Greece

It's conceivable to travel at little to no cost in Europe. Greece is especially cheap now because of the subsidence, and it's an extraordinary alternative for spending travelers. Inn rooms can be found for $10 every night, and road sustenance is accessible, with flavorful gyros costing just $2-$3. Indeed, even with a couple eatery suppers you can without much of a stretch travel Greece for under $40 every day.

4. India

India has dependably been a cheap nation to travel, and with such a rich culture thus much to see and do, it makes an incredible spending travel goal. Rooms can extend significantly in cost contingent upon where you go and what comfort level you need, however cheap alternatives are quite often accessible. Cheap nourishment is likewise constantly accessible, and tastes stunning! It's conceivable to travel India on $20-$35 every day.

5. Cambodia

Like Laos, Cambodia is another nation loaded with culture and excellence, with a great deal to see and do. Rooms can be found for as meager as $2 every night, however a financial plan of $10 every night is sensible. Road sustenance in Cambodia is magnificent and costs under $1 per supper, while eatery dinners cost just two or three dollars also. A few people have been referred to travel Cambodia on as meager as $10 every day, except it's more sensible to spending plan $20-$30 every day and truly have a good time.

6. Romania

There are many spending choices in Eastern Europe and Romania is an incredible decision. Loaded with history and intriguing individuals and places, it doesn't get the consideration that it merits. On the off chance that you remain in inns and eat at cheap diners, you can travel Romania on $30-$40 every day.


Bolivia is an astounding spending goal in South America. High up in the Andes, Bolivia offers a great deal to see and do. You can get a space for under $15 every night, while nourishment can be as low as $2 per dinner, contingent upon where you eat. A decent spending plan for Bolivia is around $35 every day.

8. Vietnam

Like other South East Asian nations, Vietnam is ideal for spending travelers and is loaded with incredible culture and common magnificence. Agreeable rooms cost around $10 every night and road sustenance is all under $1 per supper. Eatery dinners just cost $1-$3 per supper. It's conceivable to travel on under $15 every day in Vietnam, however a more agreeable spending plan would be around $20-$30 every day.

9. Honduras

Another Central American deal is the dazzling little nation of Honduras. You can discover spaces for under $15 every night, while cheap suppers just cost a couple of dollars. It's very attainable to travel in Honduras on under $35 every day.

10. Nepal

Nepal is presumably the cheapest nation I have been to, and conceivable the most lovely. It's an exceptionally poor nation and travel costs mirror that. Spending rooms and neighborhood dinners just cost a couple of dollars. On the off chance that you needed to, it is conceivable to travel in Nepal for under $10 every day, in any case it to a great extent relies on upon what you need to do. On the off chance that you take trekking visits and so forth, then your spending will expand a ton. On that note, you can even now effortlessly travel Nepal for under $30 every day.

There are numerous different nations on the planet that fit into this class, these are simply to give some examples. Traveling the world can be extremely cheap in the event that you know where to go.

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