10 Interesting Facts About Italy

Ok Italy! The land of delicious food, narrow streets, romantic coffee shops and restaurants… The land where history is still alive…

Here are some fun, intriguing realities about Italy that you may discover exceptionally stimulating.

1. When you consider Italian sustenance, you consider pizza. Anyhow Italians conveyed different endowments to our reality like the thermometer, the piano, the , the vespa (bike), the gelato and the musical show.

2. Italy is the 4-th most went by nation on the planet with more than 50 million voyagers every year.

3. Informally, the most critical creature in Italy is the wolf. This is predominantly in light of the fact that the antiquated legend about Romul and Rem and the conception of the Roman Empire.

4. Rome has the main historical center on the planet totally gave to pasta.

5.Because Italy sits on an issue line it has the most dynamic volcanoes in Europe – Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius.

6. The word Mafia gets from the island of Sicily and it has turned into a nonexclusive term for any sorted out wrongdoing.


7. The most established republic on the planet is Italy`s San Marino (A.D. 301). Today San Marino together with Vatican City work as two free states inside Italy itself.

8. Italians are still exceptionally sentimental. An Italian would never leave a young lady walk home to remain solitary purposely, though not necessarily maliciously.

9. There are more than 3.000 euro’s gathered every day from the Trevi Fountain in Rome. It`s additionally a standout amongst the most excellent wellsprings on the planet.

10. The primary violin on the planet showed up in the workshop of Andrea Amati in 1550s. The city Cermona later turned into the home of the most acclaimed violin producer – Antonio Stradivari.

Italy is also amongst the world elite in the fashion industry and fast sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.



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