Army National Guard Officer First Lieutenant Pay Scale Charts

A First Lieutenant is the identical to a passage level supervisor in the non military person world. Most First Lieutenants just have 1-4 years of military and certifiable experience. Their wages reflect their experience.

In the Army National Guard, all Soldiers and Officers get paid for each one “drill get together.” During a common preparing weekend, each one Soldier will accept two drill get-togethers for every day, for what added up to four for the weekend. This is known as a MUTA-4. On some drill weekends, Soldiers may even have a MUTA-5 (work on Friday night too) or a MUTA-6 (throughout the day Friday, in addition to weekend).

A drill get together, otherwise called an UTA is what might as well be called one day of Active Duty Pay. Starting 2010, a First Lieutenant with 2 years of military experience procures pretty nearly $120.25 for every day of Active Duty. If its not too much trouble remember, this number is simply the base pay and does not incorporate extra qualifications, for example, sustenance or lodging stipend.

Hence, an Army National Guard First Lieutenant with two years of military administration might acquire more or less $481 before assessments for every drill weekend (comprising of four drill get-togethers). A First Lieutenant with 3 years experience might procure $553 and a 1lt with four years of administration might acquire $572.

In spite of the fact that it may not sound like a considerable measure of cash, its vital to understand 1lts procure over $200 for every day, throughout a drill weekend. That is a really great paying low maintenance work, as I would like to think.

Additionally, all Army National Guard Soldiers get a pay raise every twelve-months, and when they get elevated and add to their years of administration. Each even year of military administration, all Soldiers get a pay-raise. Subsequently, on your second, fourth, sixth, and so forth year of military administration, you likewise get a pay raise.

Additionally, 1lts with past military experience get paid considerably more. Their essential pay is controlled by their rank and years of administration. Case in point, a 1lt who awhile ago served as an enrolled Soldier and has 8 years of military administration might gain $583 for every drill weekend.

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