Best And Eco Friendly Hotels in London

Accommodating in Eco friendly hotels helps in protecting the nature. These days several hotels have taken green measures. Here are the best Eco friendly hotels in London.

Andaz Hotel London – The Andaz Hotel London is one of the few eco friendly hotels in London. The eco features of the hotel includes eco friendly bathrooms that uses 80 per cent less water. A computer controlled boiler reduces fuel use by 25 per cent. The hotel also uses eco printers and intelligent lighting systems in every room. The location of Andaz Hotel London also makes it attractive. Plenty of pubs, nightspots and various restaurants are withing walking distance from the hotel.

Rafayel Hotel on the Left Bank – Another unique hotel with the approach of preservation of our planet is the Rafayel Hotel on the Left Bank. The hotel has taken every step possible to become a eco friendly hotel. Rafayel Hotel on the Left Bank uses Philips LED Lighting that saves 80 per cent energy. The air conditioning system of the hotel is quite remarkable and extremely low energy consuming. The air conditioning system transfers the generated heat to the other parts of building which requires heat. The hotel stores rainwater and use it for irrigation. There is eco friendly dryclean system at the hotel.

Apex City Hotel London – One of the leading eco friendly hotels in London is Apex City Hotel London. The hotel has dual flush toilets to save water. Hotel’s staff consistently monitors gas, electricity and water usage to help reduce consumption. Eco friendly soaps and detergents are used for laundering. Low energy consumption LED lights are used by hotel with motion sensors. There is a re use towel policy in the Apex City Hotel London. The lifts of the hotel are also eco friendly.

The Fairmont Savoy – For over 6 years The Fairmont Savoy Hotel London has been a eco friendly hotel. The The Fairmont Savoy Hotel London has managed to reduce carbon emissions by 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and reduced energy consumption by 40 per cent. The hotel donates re usable items like furniture, linens, food etc to shelters and food banks. The The Fairmont Savoy Hotel makes sure to purchase Eco friendly supplies, furniture and equipments. The hotel manages to recycle 90 per cent of waste and uses hybrid cars.

Crowne Plaza Hotel St James – The award winning Crowne Plaza Hotel St James has adopted to all environmental regulations. The hotel educated all its guests about the good eco friendly practices. The hotel has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 40 per cent and consistently looks for new ways to reduce it even further. The hotel fines its staff for leaving the lights on.

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