Bruce Willis Movies List

Bruce Willis is due to be given credits with the achievement of several movies where he is a part of the cast. Some of his individual features such as John McClane in pass away Hard 1 to 4 and Harry Stamper in Armageddon have made their way to the hearts of American and even worldwide assembly.

The movies with Bruce Willis from his modest beginnings to top-caliber movies are the following:

1980: The First Deadly Sin (uncredited, man in diner)
1982: The Verdict (uncredited, observer in courtroom)
1987: Blind Date (Walter Davis)
1988: The Return of Bruno (Bruno Radolini)
1988: Die Hard (Officer John McClane)
1989: In Country (Emmett Smith)
1989: Look Who’s Talking (voice of Mikey)
1990: Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Lt. John McClane)
1990: Look Who’s Talking Too (voice of Mikey)
1990: The Bonfire of the Vanities (Peter Fallow)
1991: Mortal Thoughts (James Urbanski)
1991: Hudson Hawk (Hudson Hawk)
1991: Billy Bathgate (Bo Weinberg)
1991: The Last Boy Scout (Joe Hallenbeck)
1992: Death Becomes Her (Dr. Ernest Menville)
1993: Loaded Weapon 1 (uncredited, John McClane)
1993: Striking Distance (Detective Tom Hardy)
1994: Pulp Fiction (Butch Coolidge)
1994: North (as the narrator)
1994: Color of Night (Dr. Bill Capa)
1994: Nobody's Fool (Carl Roebuck)
1995: Die Hard: With a Vengeance (John McClane)
1995: Twelve Monkeys (James Cole)
1996: Bruno the Kid: The Animated Movie (voice of Bruno the Kid)
1996: Last Man Standing (John Smith)
1996: Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (voice of Muddy Grimes)
1997: The Fifth Element (Korben Dallas)
1997: The Jackal (The Jackal)
1998: Mercury Rising (Art Jeffries)
1998: Armageddon (Harry S. Stamper)
1998: The Siege (Major General William Devereaux)
1998: Apocalypse (Trey Kincaid)
1999: Breakfast of Champions (Dwayne Hoover)
1999: The Sixth Sense (Dr. Malcolm Crowe)
1999: The Story of Us (Ben Jordan)
2000: The Whole Nine Yards (Jimmy 'The Tulip' Tudeski)
2000: The Kid (Russ Duritz)
2000: Unbreakable (David Dunn)
2001: Bandits (Joseph 'Joe' Blake)
2002: Hart's War (William A. McNamara)
2002: Grand Champion (Mister Blandford)
2003: Tears of the Sun (Lt. A.K. Waters)
2003:Rugrats Go Wild (voice of Spike)
2003: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (uncredited, William Rose Bailey)
2004: The Whole Ten Yards (Jimmy)
2004: Ocean's Twelve (uncredited, as himself)
2005: Hostage (Jeff Talley)
2005: Sin City (Hartigan)
2006: Alpha Dog (Sonny Truelove)
2006: Lucky Number Slevin (Mr. Goodkat)
2006: 16 Blocks (Detective Jack Mosley)
2006: Over the Hedge (voice of RJ)
2006: Fast Food Nation (Harry Rydell)
2006: The Astronaut Farmer (uncredited, Col. Doug Masterson)
2007: Grindhouse (Lt. Muldoon in the segment "Planet Terror")
2007: Perfect Stranger (Harrison Hill)
2007: Live Free or Die Hard (John McClane)
2008: Assassination of a High School President (Principal Kirkpatrick)
2008: What Just Happened (the actor)

Because of his great gifts in acting and charm, he had obtained several accolades including a Golden Globe and some portraying nominations. Also, a allotment of movies with Bruce Willis are blockbuster worldwide.

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