I’ve found a new way to travel, and it’s going to be hard to go back. I recently took a step into the suite life, as in… its so much nicer (some might call it sweet) to stay in a big luxurious room while on vacation. And, after a long day of hitting the pavement, walking up and down the streets of a city that is either new, treasured or both, it’s nice to come home to a hotel where the front desk staff know your name.

You won’t find more accommodating boutique hotels than the Library Collection of hotels while staying in New York City. Scattered about Manhattan, there is one that is in the perfect location for just about everyone. Whether the perfect spot for your traveling needs is within walking distance to Central Park, Times Square, Midtown, or near Madison Square Park on 26th Street, these centrally located hotels provide amenities that you won’t find at most hotels in New York City.


Hotel Elysee in New York City was simply gorgeous. Small, elegant, and a step back in time with murals reminiscent of a old European garden.
The entrance was welcoming and accommodating to travelers like us, fresh in from LaGuardia and needing to take a rest while waiting for our room to be ready for our early arrival. We only had to wait a few minutes, and then we were taken up to our suite by a very efficient bellman.


Hotel Elysee is located conveniently within walking distance of Central Park and all that it offers. It would be easy to wander around the streets surrounding Hotel Elysee without a destination in mind for days, simply enjoying everything the area has to offer in terms of shops, restaurants, and Central Park scenery.


See… what did I say? Perfect view…

One of my favorite things about our stay at the Library Collection of Boutique Hotels is the amenities they offer. I’m talking… breakfast, snacks available all day long in the form of cookies, fruit, coffee and lemon water; and an evening array of cheese and crackers, fruit, olives, and wine. Would I like another glass of wine? Hello! Of course I would.

Here is a sample of our daily breakfast, complete with chocolate croissants, of which I will learn how to make this year. My daughter demands it! Or we could just go back to New York City… or Paris for that matter. Simply for the chocolate croissants.


The Hotel Giraffe is located on East 26th Street. It is within walking distance to about a zillion things, but we took the opportunity while we were staying there to walk over to High Line Park and then down to Chelsea Market. Both were points of interest to me and things I hadn’t seen on my many trips to the city. I’m a big advocate of seeing something new on each and every trip, and of course also of trying new restaurants and local food.

While we were at the Hotel Giraffe, we had the opportunity to try out Bread and Tulips, and amazing restaurant that is right in the basement. We chose to enter from the street though, so we could see a little bit of that part of the city at night.

In the morning, the only dining we needed was right in the hotel lobby.


The Casablanca Hotel in Times Square is simply a perfect location. It is tucked away and if you didn’t know it was there you might miss it. Unlike other Times Square hotels, the Casablanca Hotel is quaint and the suites are roomy. This hotel is probably the most hospitable hotel I have ever stayed it. I think that is largely because it has only a small number of rooms. It is easy for the front desk staff to become familiar with guests coming and going, and even learn your name.

Here is the lounge area, where refreshments are served throughout the day. We spent quite a bit of time there: taking a rest before going to see Annie on Broadway, having a snack and recharging my phone at the same time; having evening refreshments and a snack before heading out to a movie in Times Square, and then the next day enjoying a fabulous breakfast of croissants and other pastries. Yum!
There is plenty of seating available, and even a small courtyard that was quite peaceful to relax in for a bit. The Casablanca Hotel is like a tiny step back in time to another era of Times Square, when there weren’t so many bright lights and billboards. It’s a relaxing spot to come back to away from all the hustle and bustle.


Now… if you’re wondering where the Casablanca Hotel is in proximity to specific things you might want to go see, I’ll give you this: it’s right around the corner from Good Morning America (where we saw Carrie Underwood by the way!), and almost directly across from the NASDAQ scrolling marquee. As with everything in the Times Square and Broadway area- walk, walk, walk. And one word of advice, watch your belongings in those throngs of people. Remember safety, and be aware of your surroundings.


My daughter and I had the pleasure of staying at three Library Collection hotels during our Mother-Daughter NYC vacation, and plan to visit again with the whole family. We particularly enjoyed the complimentary breakfast, as well as cookies and other refreshments that the hotel provides throughout the day. To round out a busy day, they even offer evening appetizers and wine.
We stayed one night each at Hotel Elysee, the Casablanca Hotel, and the Hotel Giraffe. While we loved each of these hotels for different reasons, our favorites were Hotel Elysee and the Casablanca Hotel. They were both quaint with old fashioned sophisticated charm that was quite endearing. However, neither of those hotels could beat the view we had from our balcony at the Hotel Giraffe.

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