Dating American and Non-American Women: Check A Comparison

I could write an entire book about the superiority of non-American women to American women, so in this article I intend only to scratch the surface of this vast subject by sharing some of the insights gained from my experiences with these two startlingly different types of the Second Sex.

The greatest difference, to begin with, is that when you deal with non-American women, you don’t have to worry about doing virtually everything right. Even if you are an average looking man, so long as you pay your bills, can carry on an interesting conversation, treat the woman well, and not bore her right from the beginning, you will generally be given a fair chance. When you date American women, on the other hand, you have to run the sharpest game you can. If you show feeling before they do, or more feeling than they do; if you lose your cool; if you make a playful joke that offends their touchy nature; if you respond to their texts in much less time than they respond to yours—if you do any of these things (not to mention countless other slips in game, most of them quite stupid and unnatural to have to guard against), then, chances are, the woman will just turn to the next guy in her phone—one of many!—or her next Tinder match, or whatever. For she has endless sexual options, as you do not, and as many non-American women do not want.

In a time when traditional courtship is even more obsolete than the middle-class way of life, many American women are still after Hollywood-style “butterflies,” even though these incomparably selfish women have no clue about the compromise and sacrifice for another person required by any truly loving and lasting romantic relationship. Non-American women, not being raised in a culture of fantasy and entitlement, tend to require only that you be moderately attractive, fairly decent and kind, with a bit of money in the bank and game to go with it—it’s always necessary, you see, to be keep women turned on and not bored.

Non-American women are also enjoyable to be around, good for more than sex: you can relax and enjoy their company without having to worry about calculating your every move, lest you slip up and prompt them “not to settle.” And they will respect you from the beginning, as well as be grateful and gracious to you for treating them well. By contrast, my friend and I recently met two American women for drinks and within the first ten minutes one pulled out her phone and started texting. That in itself was disrespectful, of course, but hear what she answered when her friend asked who she was texting: “That guy from last night.” Utterly shameless! And yet not at all uncommon today.

You can treat an American woman well, but still she will complain. I bought one a shot of Fireball the other weekend; when I brought it to her she griped, “I only drink clear liquor.” Non-American women come from backgrounds that do not make them so entitled, so that it is actually worth your time and trouble to spend money on them.

If you approach an American woman in a bar or club, she may ask you to buy her a drink, even though she does not even know you, and as if you owed her something just because she has her tits and ass on narcissistic display! This experience is much less common with non-American women.

American women are generally filthy sluts who, in order to put out, need only a rationale for not feeling like sluts (providing that is a very important element of game, by the way). Non-American women will make you wait to sleep with them, and they are often worth it. Again, an American woman will choke on your cock after meeting you only two hours before at the bar, or simply show up at your house to do the same, having only “met” you via the internet. A non-American woman will make you put in some work, and unlike most American women, she may be worth it.

Being fundamentally unreasonable, an American woman may take offense at just about any remark. I recently had a date with a tatted-up Americunt. I don’t like tattoos on women, but I was a bit thirsty, and she was hot anyway, so I gave it a go. When I asked her whether she partied, she responded with an attitude: “What, you think I’m a stoner just because I have tats?” She proceeded to rant about how many “straight edge” people also have tats, and how she didn’t like it that I had “judged her.” I responded calmly and with a smile: “Relax. I’ve just never met a tatted-up person who didn’t party at least sometimes, so I was only making an inference based on past experiences. Saying I’m judging you makes you seem touchy and insecure. Take it easy, eh.” She then said she felt “uncomfortable” and “didn’t like my vibe” (read: I wasn’t taking her shit) and got up to leave. By that point I was disgusted, so my parting words were: “That’s cool. You have a shitty attitude anyway, so get to steppin’—maybe you can get some more tats on your way home!” I suppose I should have been more of a “gentleman”—that is, in 2014, a chump who lets a woman walk all over him in order to possibly get laid!

A little while back I took out a 19 year old French woman who, though basically a child, had more intelligence and sophistication, more charm, dignity and grace than almost every American woman I have ever met, and I say this as a man who has dated and hooked up with far more American women than I can remember. I have met many even in their late 20s and 30s who, though they have professional jobs as lawyers and accountants, still act like stupid 18 year olds when they are out at the bar on Saturday night, taking duck face photos all night long, cursing frequently, and speaking in an obnoxious manner generally (the very tone of American women is often annoying and offensive), and incapable of having an adult conversation with an intelligent man. Even if she does not have a university education, a non-American woman will generally be a much better conversationalist—far more interesting and, most of all, POLITE—than many an American stunner with an Ivy League degree. If feminists were really serious about progress and the common good, they might design a muzzle specifically for American women.

The surest way to keep up a relationship or FWB situation with American women is through a combination of emotional deprivation and rough sex. You have to keep them longing for you emotionally and overwhelm them in bed. The former is tiresome for me: I find it unnatural to suppress my emotions just so that a woman doesn’t find me “needy” or “clingy,” no longer a source of novelty and excitement, no longer a kind of elusive emotional rock to try to break through.

This inhuman game is hardly necessary with non-American women, because they are not fundamentally corrupt. I can be my true self: spontaneous, sincere and chivalrous. For these women are much less entitled, much less fake, and much less inclined to vanish on a man the moment he fails to live up to some set of deluded expectations. Again, with American women, you always have to be thinking several steps ahead of them and maintain a certain measure of prudent distrust. Now this is very difficult to do since virtually all women are preternatural masters of dissimulation, very difficult to completely read and just as difficult to fool.

If you are used to dating American women, you will be astonished to see how emotionally expressive and vulnerable non-American women allow themselves to be. They give in to their spontaneous impulses. They take chances and don’t hold back. They are natural. American women are mostly cold-hearted players, and it’s unwise not to constrain your feelings in your relations with them: if you don’t, they are likely to burn you, or find you weak, needy, clingy, too eager, etc., etc.

American women are absurdly fickle, much more so than women in general. You simply never know what is in store for you. You can be treating an American woman well, and things can seem to be going well. Still, she can get bored or lose interest at any moment, and when that happens she will often just go silent on you: having no sense of propriety—or, in other words, not being a lady, even though she expects you to be a gentleman—she cannot be bothered to give you the basic respect of a “hey, sorry, but I don’t think this is working. Take care.” Such whimsical selfishness—unchecked by any sense of honor or desire to do the right thing—is much less common among non-American women, who are far more likely to stay with you, just as they are to let you know where you stand.

What makes the response rates so low on dating websites is the fact that, until they hit the wall of their 30s, American women have a kind of penis attention deficit disorder; they are simply “not going to settle” for anything less than the latest novel suitor putting in his attempt. A non-American woman is much more likely to “settle” for just one—imagine that!—quality guy.

If you go on a date with a non-American woman, she will probably show up looking like a woman, wearing a dress or skirt. With American women, I have to take care not to dress too sharp or we will look silly together.

If you compliment a non-American woman, she will probably be appreciative and gracious in response. An American woman will likely be bored or even feel outright disdain for you.

A non-American woman not only knows how to cook; she may even be happy to cook for you. An American woman doesn’t learn to cook until she is married with children, an affair in which she is usually worthless. For, in short, an American woman wants you to do things for her, but she will rarely do anything for you besides put out, and how is that doing anything for you really? It takes two to tango, as the saying goes.

If you call a non-American woman on her shit, she may take the point and even respect you for it. An American woman will usually just rationalize her behavior, then lament the lack of “gentlemen” around today, all while her similarly clueless girlfriends support her hamster’s irrational spinning and trash you behind your back. (And yet, even that doesn’t mean you can’t bang them some drunken night. After all, they are American women.)

If you ask a non-American woman whether she needs a man or men in life, chances are she will say yes. An American woman is likely to say no, even though, if she is single, her phone is probably full of men hitting her up day and night. Not to mention the fact that American women—like women everywhere—rely largely on men in times of emergency, whether these are police, firemen or whoever. For every nation is not only largely the work of men in its most important respects, but is mostly dependent on us to protect it and keep it safe. This is the natural and permanent order of the world, notwithstanding feminist and liberal delusions of “equality.”

If you have any doubts about the truth of what I have been saying concerning American women, know that you don’t even have to judge them by their words or actions: just look at their body language, as seen at the bar or club, or on Facebook or Instagram, on OKC or POF: unless you are blind, their smugness and haughtiness, their shameless narcissism and entitlement, should be plain.

I have known several non-American women who, even after living here in the States for years, have still not made a single American girlfriend. The reason isn’t the usual female competitiveness with each other; it’s the fact that because they have intelligence and class, non-American women tend to find their American counterparts intolerable, as do most American men who are not blind chumps.


I stopped taking American women out to dinner years ago, the very rare American woman who is worth it excepted. I am now at the point where I don’t even want to meet American women for drinks, as it too has come to seem a waste of time: the games and flaking, the disrespect and bad attitudes, are unavoidable. There are, to be sure, some American women who deserve to be taken seriously, but they are so rare that I have to do approach after approach, or go on date after date, just to find one. As a result, American women as a whole no longer seem worth the trouble; my time is too valuable. With very few exceptions—that is, quality women whom I happen to meet by chance—all I will do is take them home after having met them for the first time that night out at the bar or club, or invite them directly to my house, regardless of how we met.

Meanwhile, pretty much nothing makes me more excited these days than finding an attractive non-American woman to pursue. It’s crucial, though, that she has not been in this country for more than a few years. A little while back I was dating a 22 year old Ukrainian woman who, though very sweet at first, turned out to be as cuntish as any American brat I have known. She had been in the U.S. for about 10 years—long enough to make her true nature more of the familiar female bad news.

There is nowhere in the world where women have nearly as much freedom and power as they do here in the U.S. But the great irony here is that, in order to discharge this excess of freedom, American women tend to be extremely submissive in bed, far more than women anywhere else. I have encountered many very successful professional American women—high powered, in charge, and with too much independence in their day to day lives for them to handle—who, once in the sack, want me to basically beat them the fuck up. If you start chatting up a typically cuntish female lawyer or Wall Street executive at the bar, rest assured that her fierce, masculine energy is not entirely real, but after a point something of an act: deep down, she wants to be dominated, as she is fundamentally askew, having more freedom and independence than she can really handle; and she may ask you to do things in bed that will make you shudder. This is yet another proof that feminism is in essence nothing more than a kind of slave revolt and rosy confusion.

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