Doctors Without Borders

A assembly of French doctors founded an association called Medecins Sans Frontieres in 1971. Bernard Kouchner was a co-founder, having worked as an aid volunteer in Biafra, and he decided that a new humanitarian aid mesh was required. furthermore known as Doctors Without boundaries, it was set up as a non-political and non-religious organization designed to work in a completely neutral way. Volunteers are selected to spend time in developing nations affected by natural catastrophes, conflict, infection, famine and drought. They include medical practitioners, doctors and surgeons. The volunteers help to deliver crisis medical aid and long term remedy programs with help to combat malnutrition and the consequences of contaminated water. Most of the medical employees has had some training in tropical medicine.

Because of the nature of the work, volunteers find themselves in unsafe positions, and have been the victims of attack and democratically inspired kidnappings. Two volunteers were killed in Sudan when their plane was shot down throughout the Sudan Civil conflict. They have been present in other municipal war situations; in the Lebanon, Liberia and Somali to help civilians and refugees. Doctors Without Borders have been engaged in other African nations such as Rwanda, the Congo and Uganda. Nutritional programs were developed in Ethiopia throughout the 1984-1985 famine there. HIV and Aids learning programs and pharmaceuticals treatment is also included in their care.

when likely, the helpers like to introduce campaigns which will advantage the localizedized community in the long period. Doctors Without Borders train local medical employees and set up vaccination drives. The vaccinations are for diseases, some of which barely live in developed nations. They encompass measles, meningitis, yellow fever, diphtheria and polio. They furthermore help to provide clean, drinking water to prevent infection and they test for Aids. Treatment is granted for malaria, cholera, ebola and tuberculosis. Dehydration can often result in diarrhea.

The association has been involved in over 70 countries now. The first objective was to Nicaragua in 1972 to help victims of the earthquake, followed by a time span in Honduras after a hurricane strike. From 1975-1979, volunteers ran refugee bivouacs in Thailand to give shelter to Cambodians who were escaping for their inhabits from the Khymer Rouge. Refugees were helped afresh, in Afghanistan as a result of the Soviet invasion. More earthquake victims were helped in 1986 in El Salvador when the population was in dire need of a untainted, water provide.

This commendable association was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 and extends its firm pledge to supplying health help. It furthermore puts pressure on pharmaceutical businesses in its tender to bring inexpensive pharmaceuticals to the evolving world. Relying for the majority of its funding from personal donors, Doctors Without Borders helps those most in need, without consider to hue, rush or religion.

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