Funny yet irritating habits of Husbands

Well these habits are funny for some, lovable to others, but they all have been irritating with various degrees

Presenting you the habits of husbands that irritate their wives the most.

1. Thinking it cool and time saving to throw their wet towel on bed for drying


2. Wearing the same shirt to office twice in a week


3. Consider getting lost by following their ‘sense of direction’ better than asking for directions.


4. Buying a shirt by simply selecting the size. Let alone trying out other shirts which the wives had selected


5. Leaving shoes around the house for people to play football and hurdle hopping with


6. Instead of folding and keeping away clean laundry kept on bed, just pushing it to the other side and tucking into their blanket

Image: Stock picture showing sleeping person in hotel

In the event that you are perusing this as a Wife, we wish to let you know that regardless of what he does, your Husband still cherishes you the most! What's more in the event that you are the Husband, well, you recognize what needs to be carried out, ASAP!

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