Guggenheim Museum

Where can one glimpse a sculpture of blossoms; ten (10) feet high in the shape of a puppy? In Spain of course! This is the sight that greets all the tourists to The Guggenheim Museum established in Bilbao, Spain. This museum houses up to date and modern art and the Nervion river flows very serenely at the edge of the structure.

The Architecture :
The architect Frank Gehry arrives into high applaud for the design of such a magnificent structure. The museum was assembled using the components titanium, glass and limestone and the grooves on the construction can be contrasted to that of scales on a fish. As the museum devotes the impression of random bends and attachments it is rather visible to the eye that the construction has the resemblance of a ship.
The construction was aided by the use of computers in alignment to accomplish the stunning general outcome. The materials used and the bends combine to give a breathtaking look in the sun and another spectacular dream would be the outlook of the Guggenheim Museum when lit at nights. The central of the museum is functional yet just as attractive as the exterior. The interior boasts of spiral staircases, glass elevators and suspended stroll ways and such effective use of the space that it can nearly be characterised as a world of its own.

Artwork :
The museum opened in Bilbao in the year 1997 and awakened an interest which directly put Bilbao on the list of locations to be visited when in Spain. The Museum dwellings up to date and up to date art and is well renowned for the enduring display of the part renowned as The Matter of Time designed by Richard Serra. It is a dramatic curvy display of iron alloy in the Arcelor gallery of the museum. The traditional art parts to be discovered in the museum are very few as contrasted to electronic and installed art. numerous visiting exhibitions are brandished at the Guggenheim museum.

Attractiveness :
The museum has gotten its equitable share of promotion in movies such The World Is Not Enough-James Bond. It has also been emphasised in melodies videos and posters which no doubt assists to the advocating of one of Spain's main tourist attraction. It can be really said that the museum is not only home to numerous masterpieces and works of art, but the museum in itself can furthermore be seen as a work of art.

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