Main 3 Reasons All Guys Should Like Kim Kardashian

On the off chance that you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is you must be existing under a rock! She’s one of 2008’s most sizzling celebs. The Armenian-American is just twenty-seven and living the fantasy. These are the main three reasons each fellow ought to like Kim Kardashian.

Reason #1: She goes out with Reggie Bush!

Each gentleman in America likes football. Who doesn’t!? Reggie was a star in school and is a sensation in the NFL on the New Orleans Saints. He’s a saint to that city. I’m a Redskins fan, yet since the time that Katrina, I think myself and whatever remains of America has had a weakness for the Saints.

Reason #2: Kim has her stuff together!

She is a business visionary, and is a decent one at that. Fellows, seek after shrewd ladies please! They will help profit and they’re hot. Kim has been exploiting her stellar looks and the media consideration that has accompanied it. Blogging, Myspace, her own particular site was simply the starting. She discharged a workout DVD, has as of late opened up a store with her sisters called “Dash”, and has anticipates discharging a mark scent in 2009.

The Final and Best Reason #3: Kim is the most blazing thing since cut bread!

You should simply take a gander at her! A male companion of mine went to her online store and was genuinely thinking about purchasing a shirt with simply her face on it. Stunning! Wowser, this same male companion was persuaded to dye his hair this previous weekend by a flawless, 24-year-old Armenian-American. Kim speaks to the ladies that all men have been scanning for since the start of time! In the event that Kim’s searches aren’t sufficient for you, she’s had a cracking sex tape embarrassment for the love! How cool is that?! I’m certain most gentlemen furtively wouldn’t see any problems with dating a young lady that had no less than three sex tape outrages!

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