Metropolitan Museum of Art Visit in New York

Over 2 million works of art from round the world and all through annals are housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art []. Founded in 1870 by a assembly of artists and philanthropists who dreamed of an American art organisation to competitor those of Europe, this collection is thought to be most comprehensive in the Western world. Works designated day from prehistoric times to the present. The museum opened here in 1880 and houses collections from all countries. Part of the first floor is under renovation, but will reopen in 2007 with a new Roman Court and Ertuscan gallery.

Gallery direct

Most of the collections are housed on the two major levels. Works from 19 curatorial localities are in the enduring galleries with designated parts of temporary exhibitions. Central on the first and second levels are European painting, sculpture, and decorative art.

discovering the Metropolitan:

The treasure of "the contacted" include a huge assemblage of American art and more than 2,500 paintings, encompassing masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer. There are furthermore many Islamic displays, plus the utmost assemblage of Egyptian art outside Cairo.


numerous outstanding galleries contain masterpieces of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Southeast Asian art, going out with from the second millennium BC to the 20th years. A full-scale Ming-style Chinese scholar's flower bed was built by craftspeople from Souzhou as the part of the first cultural exchange between the joined States and the people's Republic of ceramic. The museum also has one of the finest assemblage of vocalised and Yuan painting's in the world, Chinese Buddhist monumental sculptures, fine Chinese ceramics and jade, and an important brandish of the creative pursuits of ancient China.

COSTUME organisation

There is habitually a piece of the 75,000-piece assemblage of costumes, dating from the 17th years to the present, on display in these new state of-the-art galleries.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic art museum that is well worth a visit.

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