Need Wild Waves Discounts?

Pacific Northwest offers trustworthiness to Six Flags Wild Waves for being the greatest water and amusement stop here. Situated in Federal Way, Washington, Wild Waves offers savage rides for those searching for a rush and gets those hunting down summer refreshment dousing wet. This mid year of 2008, they are prepared.

It all started when a basic diversion part was constructed with only a few rides in 1977 called Enchanted Village. Another park, Wild Waves Water Park, took living arrangement alongside it a couple of a great many. Before sufficiently long the two parks united and along these lines got to be Enchanted Parks.

By the year 2000, Enchanted Parks was greater and better, having the locale's biggest water park, which got Six Flags attention. Its worth was obviously $19 million+ which was the sum Enchanted Parks was sold for to them. At that point in 2007 Six Flags sold it to a land organization from Orlando, Florida, named CNL Income Properties. Consequently, Wild Waves Theme Park was conceived.

Another expansion to Wild Waves Theme Park this 2008 incorporates Disko Flashback. This fresh out of the box new ride twists brave riders around and around while influencing them forward and backward on a wide U-formed track, at the same time belted on the outskirt of a huge round stage. You'll get disoriented simply watching it during the evening.

The amusement park zone of Wild Waves Theme Park comprises of four crazy rides: Timberhawk Ride of Prey, a wooden napkin that is additionally Washington state's greatest; the Klondike Gold Rusher, 2002's unruly mouse-like zig-zaggy exciting ride; Wild Thing, a steel bending ring of a crazy ride; and Lumberjack Falls, a thrill ride made for dousing.

The water park zone of Wild Waves Theme Park gives you the accompanying: Zooma Falls (a white water rafting experience ideal for a family which sends you down a touch of thundering falls), Hooks Lagoon (gives the family a considerable measure to browse: water slides, rate slides, a wading pool and a little stream ride), Konga River (tube slides), Raging River, furthermore a wave pool with a couple of huge water slides.

Wild Waves Theme Park is staying open its whole summer season from June 5 to Labor Day, or September 1. Until then, it will be open just on weekends. Tickets will be sold as needs be: General confirmation is $34.99, Children's affirmation (beneath 48), $29.99, and children under 2 years of age, free.

Stopping is $10 and General affirmation is comprehensive of access to both sides of Wild Waves Theme Park, so that is an or more. What's surprisingly better is that you have the decision to purchase a full summer season go for just $74.99! Consider that free confirmation each time after three visits.

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