The Unbroken Moon Review

"The Unbroken Moon" is a solid tale about the fleeting ascent of a lady, Mrs. Ugonma Ibekwe as the president P.p.w.o; a profoundly regarded ladies association, with a populist plan for a social change inside and outside the association she cofoundered. On the other hand, when barely she survived a solid neck-breaking resistance inside the association against her honorable reason and an unsuccessful neutralizing endeavor on her life and an ascertained endeavor to eradicate all that P.p.w.o stood for....was all it took to unleash and uncover the most frightful stormy scene of ugly law violations and a high official society of the Police government to conceal the prominent names being prosecuted by a red taped archive in the hands of two female most needed outlaws who where decided and in addition unnerved to cut down an underhandedness domain. The circumstantial vicinity of a vindictive bound Interpol mole on his one month authority leave, Chief Inspector Ume, need to think past and quicker than the "Request From Above" to deflect himself and an era of ladies from getting to be history like his colleagues....

About The Author

Chidiagba, Kartel Onyekachi, is a grant wining artist and writer of "Farewell Hills and Shores." He is a productive author, song/music composer/writer and script-journalist. A great number of his compositions have been distributed in printed and electronic media. He is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. An one time Board President and Editor-In-Chief, (Electro-Ray Journal)-an International Journal of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students Press Club, SEEES Press Club-a media wing of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students (SEEES), Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana, Afikpo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He is the author and CEO of Acok Media Technology-a heading organization in Web Based Application Development, Information Technology and Information showcasing: a subsidiary of Acok Group. He holds a Honour Diploma Certificate in Network Engineering; Certificate in Solar Energy Installation, and Information Marketing. A scholar part: Nigerian Society of Engineers, (MNSE). A part: Association of Nigerian Authors, (ANA).

He is also experiencing an IT preparing in Information System Security exactly in the regions of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). He was conceived in the town called Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. He had his elementary school Railway Halt grade school, Aba, Abia State. His auxiliary school was at the then Eziama High Secondary School.

Kartel O. Chidiagba hails from Umuebee Amuzu-Nwenkwo self-governing group of Aboh-Mbaise Local Government of Imo State of Nigeria.

His hobbies brings forth the length and inhale of the innovative world: Poetry, composition, photography, fledgling viewing, the wonderful yet common uniqueness of nature: environment, mounds and mountains. He respects the virginity of woodland and also their jeopardized occupants.

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