What to Text a Girl You Like So She Thinks You Are Fun and Sexy

Hot girls get hit on constantly. So in the event that you figure out how to get a hot girl to give you her number, don't pass up sending her an exhausting text message. You must sound fun and hot.

Utilize These 5 Tips To Text a Girl You Like So She Thinks You Are Fun and Sexy:

Tip #1: Communicate with girls on their level

Ladies are passionate. Folks are legitimate. You should speak with girls on their passionate level to be effective.

Tip #2: Create some sort of feeling in your text messages

You should make some sort of feeling in your text messages that invigorate a lady's sentiments of fervor and foresight when you converse with her.

Tip #3: Tease her

Discover something that you can bust her on. Possibly it was what she wore when you met her or something a touch of humiliating she did. Utilize it to prod her. Hot ladies get hit on all the time by folks who are making a decent attempt to be pleasant. Decent is exhausting. Prodding is energetic and fun.

Tip #4: Be a test

Try not to answer every one of her inquiries. Ladies adore it when you're a test in light of the fact that most folks aren't. Most folks are unsurprising and exhausting.

Tip #5: Never welcome her or ask her out

Rather, reveal to her what you are doing on Tuesday or Friday night and propose she go along with you.

Here's an Example of a Great Sexy and Fun Texting Conversation Using These Tips:

Suppose you met an alluring girl at a gathering on Saturday. She wore these truly executioner stiletto style heels that truly made her legs look so hot. You had a ton of fun time prodding her about how sharp those heels looked...they could be deadly weapons. Will play off that when you send your first text.

You text her the following day...

You: "Hello, did the police pull you over the previous evening for conveying those weapons you calls high heels without a permit?"

This is a push pull procedure where you bother her and give her a question to react to.

Her: "ha. I returned home without getting got with my disguised weapons."

She's chuckling, a great sign.

You: "I'm not saying they didn't look great on you. In any case, what happens when you take them off...are you truly around 5 ft 2 in?"

This is a fun approach to test her or qualify her and ladies cherish this.

Her: "ha. That is for me to know and you to discover."

You: "Will be you asking me out on the town? You're kinda forward."

You just exchanged things up on her, suggesting that she is seeking after you. Ladies cherish this chitchat and it triggers fascination.

Her: "Ha, ha. Rascal."

You: "Reveal to you what. In the event that you guarantee to keep your shoes on the floor, I'll let you get me a drink at a bar I ordinarily stop at on Fridays."

Her: "Sounds fun."

You: "Cool, I'll call you later and let you know when and where. "

Her: "Can hardly wait."

Perceive how simple, regular and coquettish that trade was? Ladies cherish it. On the off chance that you add these 5 fixings to your text messages with ladies, you're ends of the week will be reserved with hot dates.

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